Context Database Designer

Context Database Designer

It is a great tool for designing and managing database schemas
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Context Database Designer is a great tool for designing and managing database schemas. It provides the full cycle of database schema design and maintenance, including: creating of tables, relations views and stored procedures; drawing of sophisticated and professional looking diagrams.

Maintaining the history of changes made to the database schema; allows to compare any two versions of any two schemas, view the difference and instantly build upgrade SQL script for any given database engine.

Context Database Designer does what very few professional and very expensive tools can - it is able to automatically generate create/alter/drop DDL scripts for virtually any database engine.

Moreover, it also is able to import SQL DDL scripts for any database engine, which is accomplished by highly customizable SQL generator/parser - a unique piece of software, developed by Contexts Software.

The only thing required in order to support another database engine is to create a simple text profile (see them stored under 'dbdefs' folder), defining a way to input and output SQL scripts for that particular type of database.

Main features:
-Supports many types of schema objects, like: tables, indexes, views, triggers, stored procedures/functions, domains, sequences/generators;

-Maintains history of changes by storing version checkpoints;

-Allows to revert to any checkpoint, compare checkpoints and drop/purge old checkpoints to save disk space;

-Automatically creates SQL scripts, that updates database from one version to the next;

-Supports custom (user defined & engine specific) fields, with ability to customize their property editors (validation and lookups);

-Generates any type of SQL scripts from completely custom database profile (stored as *.dbp file under 'dbdefs' folder);

-Compensates for lack of DDL features in some engines (like inability to rename a field or a table) by automatically generating more complex scripts, involving recreating & copying tables;

-Powerfull comparison tool, allows to compare any two versions of any two schemas, show every property, that differs and instantly automatically creates SQL upgrade script for any engine;

-Imports schema from sql database creation scripts, including importing of CREATE/ALTER and DROP statements, domains, stored procedures and functions, triggers, constraints, indexes, etc.;

-Uses same profile for import and export of SQL. This allows fine-tuning of import/export features;

-Allows to execute any SQL command towards any of registered databases. As a standalone application, Context Database Designer supports BDE & ODBC database access. When run from IDE, it can support any database via DBX, ADO or Interbase access objects and also custom databases, like DBISAM & Nexus;

-Registers as a component editor for TDatabaseSchema component from the Database Extensions Suite, which puts all this power right under developers fingertips.

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